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Available theses

There are theses available, both for the bachalor and master degree, on topics related to my research activities. It is suggested to contact me directly, or, if you want, to have a look at my recent publications on the various topics. In particular, there are theses on the following topics:

Mining software repositories:

  • automatic redocumentation of existing systems by mining software repositories
  • analysis of licensing issues in open source projects
  • analysis and improvement of mobile application, in particular for what concerns power consumption
  • automatic identification of skills and teamwork in software projects by mining software repositories
  • support to code quality improvement; refactoring and antipatterns/smell analysis
  • development of recommender systems, i.e., of systems able to provide suggestions to developers and managers during development or maintenance activities
  • development of system for software quality and reliability assessment, by analyzing data extracted from versioning systems, bug tracking systems and security advisories

Search-based software engineering:

  • application of metaheuristics to build tools supporting the software engineering, e.g. tools for project management and staffing, tools for test data generation, tools for service level agreement and dynamic binding, etc.
  • automated software testing
  • interactive approaches for improving software systems